The old Farmer's Market at the Brewery in Halifax...

24" X 36" acrylic on canvas $2100
If you've got children in your life you would be familiar a scene like this from everyday life...


The "Eagles Nest" as they call it at CBC Radio at the corner of South Park and Sackville, right by the Public Gardens. This is the control room overlooking Citadel Hill.


Or downtown on a warm summer's this one on Spring Garden Road in Halifax

40" X 50" acrylic on canvas $3100

Scenes around Halifax. Carleton Street mid-winter; Barrington Street; The Boardwalk; Spring Garden Road. These are pen and ink over acrylic paint in hotpress watercolour paper.


~18" X 26" acrylic, pen and ink, w/c paper $1200

~18" X 26" acrylic, pen and ink, w/c paper $1200

~15" X 26" acrylic, pen and ink, w/c paper $1000

Daily Memory Sketches

It was when I started doing memory sketches that I developed a much greater understanding and appreciation for the little things in life, and from that my interest in contemporary genre -- everyday life.

A memory-sketch is just what it sounds like. Draw from memory something you've observed within the last two-four hours. It's got to have people in it, and show what's going on around them. Draw quickly and easily, 20-minutes or so, no preliminary drawing and no touch-ups. Sometimes you see something really good, but often there's nothing but the little things.

The original sketches are bound in sketch books. I have a shelf-full. High quality 12" X 9" art prints are available for $150 each.

Many of my memory sketches can be seen here

A selection with a bicycling theme....